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CBS News recently followed Pawsitive Changes to an elementary school in Southfield. Check out the video to see our teams in action!

Pawsitive Changes Therapy Dogs is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation founded in 2021 for the purpose of working within the community to relieve anxiety, and to provide moral and emotional support to all ages and walks of life. It is our goal to bring a bit of peace, joy, and comfort during times of uncertainty to all who need a non-judgmental friend.

Mission Statement

Pawsitive Changes Therapy Dogs strives to deliver compassionate quality services from our canine friends to benefit communities in need. Our relationships with those we serve are open, accommodating, honest and respectful.

We provide a sensitive family-like environment to the dogs we train and the community seeking our services.

We achieve quality in our work through a system that encourages our teams with creativity and innovative ways to implement an enhanced experience to our clients.

With our collaborative efforts our goal is to bring a high-caliber experience full of understanding and attention to each family or individual giving them the time needed for healing and growth in the emotional spectrum.

With the lives that we touch we hope to bring millions of smiles.

A girl and her dog
Mission Statement
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