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Training a Puppy


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Field visit to Bass Proshop for Therapy Dog Training
Therapy Dog graduation day!
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We currently offer a Spring and Fall certification program.


Applications are now closed for the Spring 2024 class. Check back here over the summer for details on the Fall class!

Our program is an 11-week program with week 11 being a formal graduation ceremony. During the first 6 weeks, you will meet weekly for 60-90 minutes with our team of instructors, evaluators, and volunteers. During these sessions, you will be shown how to perform and have the opportunity to practice the items on the AKC Canine Good Citizen test, which must be passed in order to graduate.

During week 8-10 you and your class mates will be paired up with seasoned teams for on-site visitations. This will give you insight into what to expect when you are out in the field after graduation. This also gives our instructors and evaluators an opportunity to assess you and your dog in a working environment and provide guidance as to what areas of volunteer work you may be best suited for.  Week 10 is test and certification week!

Are you already a seasoned team and looking for a new home? We do not require seasoned teams to complete a 10-week program as a majority of organizations do. We value your experience and welcome you to join us. Seasoned teams must complete the application forms, complete a one-time assessment, conduct a visit with one of our established teams, and pay for your new vest and insurance through Pawsitive Changes!

We also offer enrichment and continuing training opportunities to keep both you and your canine sharp and on target.

Check back here for the latest details on upcoming programs and scheduling.

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