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We love to hear and watch our teams, walk the journey and are honored to walk the journey along side of them. This month Michelle K. and Iron-Man, submitted their perspective. Michelle and Iron are a fairly new team, having graduated Spring 2022. Since then they as a team and family have become very involved with PCTD. We treasure Michelle's willingness, availability and her giving heart as she and Iron begin the journey that will changes lives.

Our journey with Pawsitive Changes Therapy Dogs began in January 2022, when we filled out the application. I had no idea, in that moment, that we would be opening our arms to so much joy and love. Each visit is the opportunity to honor the human spirit with paws of love. Our furry companions become this open invitation. As you walk with your friend on four paws, you will have a plethora of paths to choose from, and a whole new family of teams to support you. Iron and I have found ourselves playing with children at art camp, to reading with children in a school gymnasium. We have visited several Senior Living facilities, Memory care units, and Individual visits through Hospice. As a team, you are encouraging laughter, as well as creating a safe and comforting environment. It is in those moments, when a resident's fingers pass through your puppy's fur and you see tears rolling down their cheeks that we are humbled by what our dogs are providing. When someone with limited mobility or speech feels the warmth of fur brush up against them and a smile or laughter takes over their expression. They may not remember your names, and it's often unpredictable, and you may even find yourself in the car crying waterfalls, or smiling from the inside out. There are many learning opportunities and so many stories to is with gratitude and smiles, one paw at a time!

Three Wednesday mornings a month we have a Hospice client we visit, who has Alzheimer's. When I tell Iron it's time to go to work, his tail starts wagging. He gallops like a horse back and forth to where his vest is hanging. When we enter the building, the other residents often refer to Iron as her dog. He goes right to her and places his head underneath her hand. She smiles instantly and asks him where he wants to go. We send weekly photos of them to her family. We bring special treats for her to feed Iron. She spends the whole hour talking to him and petting him. Some days she doesn't know us, and she's not clear on where she is....But as soon as Iron puts his head underneath her hand, she smiles

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