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Goldie The Goldendoodle, This is our beginning. By Anthony and Victoria

Our journey with Pawsitive Changes Therapy Dogs began in February 2023 when we saw an ad in our local newspaper for therapy dog training. Since then, we haven’t looked back and wanted to share the path taken to be certified teams.

Our family (humans, Anthony & Victoria) knew that when our goldendoodle, Goldie came into our life that we hoped she would be open to spreading love to others outside of her family.

Goldie had no idea what she was in for when we showed up to her first class – along with 16 other dogs! Each week we learned new techniques like loose leash walking, keeping focused on handlers, and how to say hi to people without jumping, just to name a few. Goldie’s favorite part of classes was getting snuggles from all of the fabulous staff with PCTD and her human classmates and of course learning new stuff too - especially if a treat is involved.

We also had a handful of field visits where we got to practice what we have learned and take it to the community. Goldie hit the jackpot at one facility and a lovely resident fed her a tremendous amount of popcorn. Goldie also made friends who would read stories to her and help college students try to keep calm while studying for their exams.

Goldie and our biggest task was passing the Canine Good Citizen test - this is a must to be a therapy doggie. Goldie was fine for the test but Goldie’s humans were not – they were a nervous wreck! Thankfully, PCTD saw that Goldie and her handles could pass the test but needed to work on their nerves. A few weeks later, Goldie along with her handles passed with flying colors! She also earned the Canine Good Citizen Advanced test too!

Goldie and her parents had such a blast at the Spring 2023 graduation ceremony! Goldie and her pack are so happy to officially become a part of the PCTD community and start their therapy dog journey!

First official Visit!!!

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